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“España Rumbo al Sur” is going to Uganda!

By mayo 3, 2018Noticias
España Rumbo al Sur


“España Rumbo al Sur” is a project developed by the MRS Foundation that encourages entrepreneurship and cooperation among young people.

Since 2005, each year a group of teenagers (16 to 18 years old) travels to a country in Africa to help change the living conditions and social reality through voluntary work, on site projects and missions.

This year our destination is located in the heart of the African continent: Uganda!

An exotic country, very different to what are used to, where we will share with its people their hopes and needs, immerse in their culture and grow in essential values, such as respect, perseverance, solidarity and direct action.

“España Rumbo al Sur” is possible thanks to the financial support of individuals and businesses. In this respect, TalkTalk Idiomas not only prepares students to face the internationally-connected future with high academic excellence, as I have experienced as former student, but also participates in projects with far-reaching positive repercussions like “España Rumbo al Sur”.

Ángela Vicente

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