In TalkTalk Idiomas we offer language classes for companies. We teach directly in the company premises for groups of different levels and always adapt to the needs of the client. With classes of language acquisition or specialisation in specific areas of knowledge, our goal is to teach languages without your staff having to leave the office.

To do so, the first step is to create a profile for every employee who will attend the classes, carrying out a careful level evaluation and a needs analysis. Then, we design a study program adapted to each level.

The classes take place during the school year (September-June) and the progress of the employees is evaluated every quarter.

After the evaluation of the trimester the company will receive a report from the teacher which will be validated by our Training Department, in which information about the progress of the student, attendance and evaluation marks will be obtained.


In TalkTalk Idiomas we use a varied and very participative methodology, stimulating conversation, comprehension, fluency and verbal precision of the student at all times. We work through the different skills of communication:

Listening comprehension

Reading comprehension

Writing comprehension

Oral comprehension and interaction

Furthermore, we use a broad range of teaching material: audio, video, articles of current events related to the world of business, role-plays, and many more activities with which the students could reproduce real work situations in which they can find themselves in their workday.


Each company and their workers have a particular idiosyncrasy, that’s why we adapt the formats and the sessions to their particular needs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need advice.


To take the English courses in-company instead of in an academy has certainly many advantages for the employees, but also for the companies:

  • Save time and money in commuting.
  • The employees disconnect from work while they are in class.
  • Encourage labour relations in the company, even among employees from different departments.
  • The employees improve their level of English.
  • They will learn English related to their work sector.
  • They will be able to perform their duties in English and get new clients or make new tasks.