Why study in TalkTalk Idiomas?

We have many reasons why you should studying with us:

  • We have a team of native, specialised, qualified teachers with extensive language teaching experience
  • Your schedule can be as flexible as you need it to be
  • Small groups are available, with a maximum of 6 students per group
  • Wide range of timetables to fit in with your schedule
  • Free no obligation level tests
  • We employ a fun dynamic method of teaching
  • Every course follows the CERF of the European Council
  • Individualised quarterly follow-up with reporting
  • Extensive experience in official exam preparation
  • Library and DVD services to support your increasing skills
  • We use our own developed material based on the tools of recognized centres adapted to the idiosyncrasy of our students

What is a level test and is it essential?

The first time you come to our school you will complete a level test which will allow us to determine your ability level and allow us to plan your learning. They are free and with no obligation. The level test examination can be tailored to your schedule.

The level tests include an oral interview (10 minutes approximately) which allows us to diagnose your communicative and linguistic capacity as well as your motivation. It also includes a writing test (20 minutes approximately), which is a ludic test designed to enable future students to enjoy learning English from the very start.

What do I do if I miss a class?

We advise you to call the school to make the best of our flexibility with the possibility to join in another class of the same level avoiding losing your session. Nevertheless, don’t forget to talk to your teacher to prepare your homework for the next class.

I want to prepare an official exam, what should I do?

At TalkTalk Idiomas we have special courses to help students prepare for official exams.  In addition, given that our levels equal those of  the European Council, students will be prepared to take the equivalent exam at the end of each of our modules. If you want to know which  official exams you could pass successfully do not hesitate to complete a level test today.

Is the material included in the price?

Although it depends on the program for which you enrol, the material is included in the enrolment registration fee and it also includes a copy of a book for the class and homework, copies of additional material and exams, TV series, songs and arts and crafts. In all conversation courses there is material and at in-company classes we deem whether or not it is necessary to follow a book or not in accordance to the initial analysis of the students.

Is the teacher native?

We believe in the importance of native teachers, but we also think it is equally important that they are bilingual to really understand our difficulties when learning a new language. That’s why it is important that our teachers, native or bilingual, have a wide experience as professional teachers.

Do students receive progress reports?

Yes, at TalkTalk Idiomas teachers issue quarterly reports about the student’s progress. In addition, at the end of each academic year students complete a test with a pass mark of 6 out of 10 required to enable them to progress to the next level.

Can I cancel a ONE-TO-ONE class, TWO-TO-ONE and retake it?

If you notify us with 48h in advance it is possible to change. However, without prior notice the class will be considered as taken and completed.

In order to cancel a class you must contact the secretary’s office via e-mail or by phone and have the change or cancellation confirmed in a written form.

Can I change the schedule?

If there is availability in the schedule we will endeavor to make the changes requested. If that is not the possible we will try to arrange a new schedule when a spot is available.

What do I do if I don’t agree with the level I have been assigned to?

If you feel that you have not been assigned the correct level please do not hesitate to talk to the staff at the secretary’s office to book an appointment with the coordinator to discuss further.

Who do I speak to if I have any problems or concerns?

Please do not hesitate to talk to a member of staff at the secretary’s office for guidance.